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Corporate Culture; if you have a good one, bottle it!

By Corpwrite Strategy’s Jeremy Plint.

Imagine you’ve just convinced an investor to sink millions into your growing business. Then imagine, if after the finalising the deal, he gives you only one piece of advice. What do you think it would be? Increase sales revenue, improve gross margin or maybe keep costs under control?

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Xmas Shopping: a great example of why you need a strategy

By Corpwrite Strategy’s Luke Maddison.

Like most people, I hate Xmas shopping. I always leave it too late, being busy with work or life in general, so I get caught up in the last minute maddening rush. Crowds of people making it hard to move. Horrible traffic full of drivers who forget their basic driving skills at this time of the year. Ambling groups of shoppers wander aimlessly and stop to chat in the middle of the walkway. But more than that, what annoys me most is…I never seem to have a plan

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