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Post-demographic Consumerism. What it means and why marketers should care.

As marketers we can’t escape the fact we are reaching a point where the capacity, ability and desire for customers to exercise choice, has outpaced the ability of demographic-based models to predict their behaviour. Everything we thought we knew about our customers and market segmentation will need a rethink.

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Corporate Culture; if you have a good one, bottle it!

By Corpwrite Strategy’s Jeremy Plint.

Imagine you’ve just convinced an investor to sink millions into your growing business. Then imagine, if after the finalising the deal, he gives you only one piece of advice. What do you think it would be? Increase sales revenue, improve gross margin or maybe keep costs under control?

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Third Floor 3D revolutionises online real estate “walkthrough” experience

Sydney (Wednesday October 1, 2015) One of Australia’s most innovative technology firms, The Third Floor, is the first to market with a brand new 3D cloud marketing platform, which will take the local real estate industry by storm.

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Marketers need to remember the bigger picture

By Corpwrite Strategy’s Luke Maddison.

Social and digital marketing is undoubtedly the flavour of the month in the blogosphere and with various business publications. Whilst as marketers we like to stay ahead of the curve, the preoccupation with digital marketing made me think about our profession and how we reach our customers.

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Catwalk this way

Article by Corpwrite’s Vanessa Mickan appeared in Acuity Magazine 01 September 2015 

In the fickle world of fashion it seems one new trend is holding its footing – designers from down under are the new black. The fashion critics and retail buyers gathering for New York Fashion Week on 10-17 September are used to setting trends. But in recent years, a different type of trend has been emerging at fashion week: each season, more and more Australian and New Zealand designers are rocking the runway. They are garnering rave reviews, and they’re claiming their share of the mighty US$375b American apparel market.

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