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Your customers are looking for outcomes not products

Having spent most of my career in product marketing and development I know how easy it is to become too focused on your product. The fact is your customers really don’t care about the class-leading specifications or ground-breaking technology; they want an outcome. Continue reading “Your customers are looking for outcomes not products”

Post-demographic Consumerism. What it means and why marketers should care.

As marketers we can’t escape the fact we are reaching a point where the capacity, ability and desire for customers to exercise choice, has outpaced the ability of demographic-based models to predict their behaviour. Everything we thought we knew about our customers and market segmentation will need a rethink.

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Corporate Culture; if you have a good one, bottle it!

By Corpwrite Strategy’s Jeremy Plint.

Imagine you’ve just convinced an investor to sink millions into your growing business. Then imagine, if after the finalising the deal, he gives you only one piece of advice. What do you think it would be? Increase sales revenue, improve gross margin or maybe keep costs under control?

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Xmas Shopping: a great example of why you need a strategy

By Corpwrite Strategy’s Luke Maddison.

Like most people, I hate Xmas shopping. I always leave it too late, being busy with work or life in general, so I get caught up in the last minute maddening rush. Crowds of people making it hard to move. Horrible traffic full of drivers who forget their basic driving skills at this time of the year. Ambling groups of shoppers wander aimlessly and stop to chat in the middle of the walkway. But more than that, what annoys me most is…I never seem to have a plan

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Small business should think big when it comes to strategy

By Corpwrite Strategy’s Jeremy Plint.

After being in corporate roles for many years a good friend and I started a small marketing consultancy. The transition has required a lot of adjustments on my part but maybe the hardest is deciding the best use of my time. There’s always a something else to be done and everything is important. It’s reinforced for me the need to have a strategy in place: one that sets the direction and priorities for the business and gives us clarity when decisions need to be made.

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Why marketers really can’t sell…but should

By Corpwrite Strategy’s Luke Maddison.

I was talking with a friend last week that works in marketing at a large organisation. The conversation came up about the latest project they were working on, which in his opinion, his sales teams didn’t “get”.

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Third Floor 3D revolutionises online real estate “walkthrough” experience

Sydney (Wednesday October 1, 2015) One of Australia’s most innovative technology firms, The Third Floor, is the first to market with a brand new 3D cloud marketing platform, which will take the local real estate industry by storm.

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Australian rugby on the back foot

An article by Corpwrite’s Anthony O’Brien for Acuity Magazine October 2015

As throngs of fans gather to watch the eighth Rugby World Cup (RWC) this year, it’s clear that the game played in heaven is behind its rivals in Australia.

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Marketers need to remember the bigger picture

By Corpwrite Strategy’s Luke Maddison.

Social and digital marketing is undoubtedly the flavour of the month in the blogosphere and with various business publications. Whilst as marketers we like to stay ahead of the curve, the preoccupation with digital marketing made me think about our profession and how we reach our customers.

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